Publicity vs. Indirect Marketing

Often, designers believe that being published will bring a flood of new clients. However, it seems that clients rarely select an architect based on publicity, images in a magazine etc.; there has to be a relationship with someone. A client doesn't often flip through a publication and say "I'm going to work with that person", and it happens. Publicity may help when there are two equally qualified people; but for the most part, it comes down to someone who knows someone, who knows someone.

Too often, designer's chase after publicity because that is the ultimate medium of communication and what we as a community pay attention to. Only for the very few "start architects" and a handful of others, does reputation take precedent over the work.

The quality of referrals is based on the level of client service and commitment to high level of work. If one is worried about garnering new clients and projects, it seems focusing on the quality and delivery of work is a more productive use of our time and effort.

Posted by: Christopher E. Metz